Milk and Honey

“Latte e Miele”

Latte e Miele (Milk & Honey) is the debut short film by co-directors Andrea Demetriades and Louisa Mignone.

Sisters’ Sofia and Liliana arrive in a rural town of New South Wales in 1953. They have travelled far from their hometown in Naples, Italy in search of a new life in a country that is labelled 'the new America'.

Here they are welcomed by their husbands Federico and Umberto, whom they have married by proxy but have never met. With only photographs of the two men to guide them into this union and the promise of a better life in the land of milk and honey, the women leave their war-ravaged home and family to take this leap of faith.

What transpires is a night of chaos, courage, love and sisterhood.

Latte e Miele is a story about the first night in Australia and how with sisterhood a woman can achieve anything.

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Running time. 12 minutes

Genre. Drama

Shooting Format. High Definition

Aspect Ratio. 1:1:78

January 2014

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